On Rationalism: Organicism and Mechanism (revised)

During the 17th and 18th Centuries, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was caught up in particular philosophical debate (of sorts) between two contesting schools of thought. One of these schools of thought dated back to the pre-socratic philosophers, who believed in reducing reality down to greater forms, substances, and properties. This Formalist school of thought was called … Continue reading On Rationalism: Organicism and Mechanism (revised)


On Socialism: Ba’ath, Juche, and Third International Theory

Few nations resist the Menshevik, Mammonist movement that grips the world today. Many open up their markets and open up their elections to subversion and terror. The Mammonist world order revels in the chaos it causes, failing to fully constitute itself. Trumpism represents a final stand for the military industrial complex which the plutocracy has … Continue reading On Socialism: Ba’ath, Juche, and Third International Theory

On Socialism: Bolshevism vs. Menshevism

In my essay on Pre-Marxist Socialism, I referred to a particular tendency that contrasted the Marxist Socialists (and Socialists as a whole largely) with the Anarcho-Collectivists during the First Communist International. This tendency only persisted with the rise of Leninism in contrast with Trotskyism, in other words, the rise of Bolshevism against Menshevism. By the … Continue reading On Socialism: Bolshevism vs. Menshevism

Note on Fascism

"While Fascism was limited to a particular place and time, it touched upon certain truths that inspired other similar regimes and truths which underlie every society, even our own. Proto-Fascism refers to political systems prior to the Fascist ideology which had fundamental similarities to it. Para-Fascist ideologies (ideologies influenced by or "parallel to" Fascism) differ … Continue reading Note on Fascism

On Socialism: Right-Wing Socialism

I write about right-wing socialism right after Pre-Marxist socialism because right-wing socialism constitutes a variety of pre-marxist socialism, but one that emerged slightly after the French Revolution and those who Marx dubbed the "Utopian Socialists". Right-wing socialism also emerged in an entirely different current of thinking. As I did previously mention, de Masitre did influence … Continue reading On Socialism: Right-Wing Socialism