Analysis of the Fringe Right

The Current Situation: With the election of Donald Trump, who campaigned on more Nationalist grounds, theĀ  Right shifted towards its more traditional origins in exclusivism, exceptionalism, and elitism (with an implicit sense of ethno-centrism). Trump has opened up Overton Window for many Right-Wing views that were previously dismissed by Liberal Conservatives and Centre-Rightists. Now we … Continue reading Analysis of the Fringe Right


(National) Transhumanist Hyperfascism: or “TechnoFascism”

The Precedence of Power over Race Accepting that humans have developed differently in different parts of the world, accepting that humans that come from the same area have greater within-group similarity than the between-group similarity they share with those who don't, accepting humans prefer to be with those who are like them, and accepting that … Continue reading (National) Transhumanist Hyperfascism: or “TechnoFascism”

The Two Faces of Enlightenment

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the movement we know as "Enlightenment" occurred in the west. Just as Dark Enlightenment theorists scapegoat Protestantism for the rise of liberalism and democracy (when in fact, it gave birth to rather rightist manifestations in the case of the Ironsides, Puritans, and Prussians), this same group also scapegoats the … Continue reading The Two Faces of Enlightenment

Rationalism and Mercantilism

I Just as the Mercantilists pumped wealth into their empire's economy through a unified yet hierarchically controlled system of economic abstractions of a materialistic nature, so too did the Rationalists pump knowledge into their empire's culture through a unified yet hierarchically structured system of even broader abstractions which were also believed to have empirical and … Continue reading Rationalism and Mercantilism

Puritanism and Quakerism

Origins of the Outlook: Just as Moldbug rightly and implicitly traced the heritage of the right/left divide and the heritage of Axis/Alliance divide back to the Spartan/Athens divide in his article "The Holocaust: A Nazi Perspective", another important divide for looking at politics seems to present itself within American history, namely: the Quaker/Puritan divide. It … Continue reading Puritanism and Quakerism